A philosophy webcomic about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world. Also Jokes

A Brief History of Metaphysics

Also...everything is facts.

Philosophy News Network: The Evil Demon

"Oh, but also, the Star Wars Prequels were good in the real world. Like, even better than the originals. I made up Jar Jar Binks out of boredom, sorry about that."

Philosophy Round Table: Human Nature

Man is the animal that watches stupid TV shows.

The Amazing Descartes

And for my next trick, I will move my body around using only my soul! But my soul is immaterial and my body material, how I am doing it? Magic. That's how.

Philosophers at the Casino

Hume had been burned by Descartes before, but he figured that was no reason not to trust him now...

Cartesian Office

"Wait a minute...what if there is some kind of evil demon who is deceiving me into thinking God is necessarily good? Oh yeah, that's right, God wouldn't let that happen because he is necessarily good."

The Life of Francis

"You've got to always look on the bright side of life. Because any attempt to deduce the bright of life from reason alone will still rely on concepts gained from prior experience of the bright side of liiiiiife."

Jury Selection

If you've noticed any characters appearing and disappearing, it isn't because the artist is lazy, it is because an evil demon is deceiving you.

Cartesian Roommates

Spinoza thinking about the keys like three days later: "wait a second, I don't even HAVE pockets!"

Star Wars: but instead of normal, it's with philosophers

They made some prequels, but it had this one really annoying character, Jar Jar Nietzsche, and they weren't very well regarded.

Skeptiholics Anonymous

Does Sextus Empiricus have the sexiest name of any philosopher? Well, there is actually no way to know, so we should withhold judgement.

Silicon Valley Philosophy

Startup idea: it's like Uber, but for philosophy. You put in your location, and within 15 minutes a philosopher shows up to argue with you about the nature of justice. I call it Ubermensch

Descartes's Demon

"God, get in here! He thinks that you are necessarily good!" "What!? No way, I've got to see this."

Twelve Angry Philosophers

What? You didn't expect twelve philosophers to agree on something did you?

The Problems of Philosophers

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